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PC Repairs Dublin

Looking to get your laptop fixed, look no further.


TeamViewer – Automatically launch at Windows start-up

You can add¬†TeamViewer, to Windows Startup programs, using the below procedure: Click on Extras > Options Go to the General section. Check “Start TeamViewer with Windows” A new dialog will open up, you will need to enter a password and confirm.. This password will allow you to access your computer (remotely) and perform several operations…

3D Printers? I just want AirPrint working!

This is just a quick guide to buying a printer, what not to buy and of course the best out there for 2014 . Decide what your requirements are, mine were: AirPrint – I have a iPad, iPhone and Macbook.. Simplicity please. Wireless – ¬†AirPrint requires this but I wanted it to connect to my…

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